Desk/Room Thread
udesk sounds comfy, maybe next time i move
small update
i've taken the top part of the desk, it feels more spacious
i've also taped a LED strip right now so it looks good-ish spɟsƃɟ
desk update
i got a monitor arm, and some different monitors that cost $30 for five
they ight
ill try to get some led strips behond the monitors again, the prev ones died
stop to give up
misato pokin out
Turned the old record player cabinet I used back into its original state, it now holds my receiver and vcr

Got some cool new shelves and we are now Neat

And here's T R I P L E D E S K


i can now always see the figurines

close up friends
slightly bigger but still small update
since the floor in my room needs to be scraped and then the room painted, so i have temporarily moved to another desk in a different room
the desk is glass so the LEDs look great, it's just cold which gets uncomfortable, and also my monitor faces the door so spɟsƃɟ
bump spɟsƃɟ
currently in a dorm in covid so 99% of my living is done in one six foot across by four foot deep area
still comfy, have a nice seat this year for when I want to read and enough space on the desk for second monitor, laptop, and then study materials

better picture of top half of desk, 's where I keep all my knickknacks, including a spot to display my 3DS (although usually I've got it laying around, I use it too often haha)

(sorry for shitty image quality, fell in a lake once and the camera's never been the same since)
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