Cool ass instruments
Post some neat instruments that arent super well known that make cool noises

This one sounds like it wants to kill me
Disable ipv6 and become one with the ipv4 singularity

we gotta bring back the hurdy gurdy
rob scallon does all the cool instruments man

The omnichord is certainly not a serious instrument, but it's a cool little autoharp-like synth that is easy to play.

Now this is an instrument I actually own. The Xaphoon is like a recorder, however it uses a tenor sax reed and sounds like a clarinet.
It's small, kind of easy to play (embouchure is actually a bit of a bitch, takes alot to get used to), and has a full chromatic range of two octaves (If you are able to learn all the tricky fingerings). I would play mine right now, but the ligature is broken :(
Until then, Ill play the penny flute.