What Are You Watching (WAYW)
dude i love mekakucity actors the show has so many banger songs
Let me sing you a song and lets sing along
I forget what the song is called and which character featured in it was, but I really like the song that plays during the bit where the one person keeps getting killed and has to try again until getting it perfect. Good description, I know.
flash, is the song kagerou days? its a fucking banger tbh
stop to give up
daze(op), yuukei yesterday, lost time memory(ending) are my favorite ones
Let me sing you a song and lets sing along
@limewire i think it is
ive been watching ouran high school host club, besides the first episode i like it quite a bit
stop to give up
Rising of the Shield Hero, aka Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari.
I usually stay away from Isekai, but I like this one.

I was trying to wathc JoJo part 5 but I have no motivation to continue right now, I read the manga already.

still rewatching the same show i've been rewatching for the past 6 years

also shield hero

yea this website is cool but everyone has fucking horrible opinions on here like wtf is this