Post your nendoroids, figurines and whatnot else here!

Got a bunch of nendos, Misaka Mikoto, Yazawa Nico and Izayoi Sakuya. I'm kinda suspicious the Misaka one is a fake, but it looks real enough so whatever.

And then there's two more Misaka's, the one on the right I got first somewhere in late 2017 if I remember correctly, and the other I got somewhere late last year because I really like the newer uniform.
currently saving up to buy a bunch of figures, remind me to post them here when the day comes
yea this website is cool but everyone has fucking horrible opinions on here like wtf is this
my collection is quite small, but i hope once I get another job, I can put some of that income towards expanding it

so far the two things I have are a poster and a figure

on my wall is a Misaka Mikoto poster that Win pointed out to me while we were at the county fair last summer and I immediately had to buy it

and then I have an Akiyama Mio figure, I don't remember where or when I got her exactly, but I keep her over by where I keep my bass guitar because I figured it was fitting.
(for anyone who cares, hiding in the corner is the neck of my '81 Squier jazz bass, its seen better days, but gets the job done still. Maybe i'll post a pic in another thread sometime)
i put tyej m all in my butthole sadly
wtf take them out

i got squid a while back

also slightly less bad photo of the mikotos
tempted to get one of the creator of minecraft (Kasane Teto),
just as a reminder that every so often the world can supply a blessing

Three of them
sorrie for crap photo quality i live on floor B4F of the ikea with no sunlight