Like this?

Didn't bother mixing it too well here (or really arranging it, did it in like a minute to see what it'd sound like) but whatever
yeah thats a bit closer
Dying of boredom, I'll try it all...
another boring chord progression thing. I did't have the volume up so you might need to turn it up to hear the reverb effects
do you use much theory in order to get these chord progressions or do you just tinker around and see what works?

the chords work quite well together despite some seeming a little more out there
don't really use that much music theory. I keep it mostly in the same key and just play with chords whose intervals don't super not work and make sure they resolve to a somewhat listenable noise if I want it to sound a little wacky. I suck at music theory even though I took a class for a semester on it.
yeah music theory's got a pretty vast amount of ground to cover, more than what you can get out of one semester worth of learning

i barely know anything about theory either, and honestly messing about until something works is more satisfying
my wrist is fully recovered so that means it's time to make noises
woa that sounds cool
played around in D major then this happened. Yet another (very short) descending chord progression
man i love piano chords they've got such good range to get all sorts of cool nuanced voicings going

especially that second last chord it makes me feel things