What Are You Working On (WAYWO) ?
A gross jit brainfuck interpreter called brainheck-jit
Disable ipv6 and become one with the ipv4 singularity
a terminal based pokedex in c which is basically just me experimenting with characters and arrays
i wrote a bootloader with kagari pictures, using VGA mode 13h and custom palettes
wrote a c# exe for it that automatically installs it for you and also destroys windows in the process, but that limits my amount of kagaris to 36 as windows only lets you write to the first MiB before volume space
still looking for ways to potentially improve the installer
https://kagari.moe/outer_assets/flashii/signature.png https://kagari.moe/outer_assets/flashii/signature-kagarimoe.pnghttps://kagari.moe/outer_assets/flashii/signature-twitter.pnghttps://kagari.moe/outer_assets/flashii/signature-osksh.pnghttps://kagari.moe/outer_assets/flashii/signature-github.pnghttps://kagari.moe/outer_assets/flashii/signature-yukari.pnghttps://kagari.moe/outer_assets/flashii/signature-teto.pnghttps://kagari.moe/outer_assets/flashii/signature-tetrio.pnghttps://kagari.moe/outer_assets/flashii/signature-attoch.png

a stupid programming game thing in c#

I've been revising the filesystem for about 2 years

it's fun


I also wrote a 2ch-style client for my friend's shitty Java textboard last week