hey guys
so i was reading the news and i found out that it's apparently illegal to throw rocks through people's windows? i've been doing this my whole life. when i was wee youngin, i used to be apart of rock throwing competitions to see who could break the most neighborhood windows. i was known as "the destroyer", but not related to any rock throwing, it was because i served 5 years in prison for breaking a guy's legs and snapping his spine in half. anyways, i'm genuinely disappointed the government doesn't allow for any of these classic activities to be reborn, as i'm now in my adulthood with a need to reflect on my childhood. there's only so much that drug usage can get you! anyways, thanks for reading.
what anime is this from i don't recognise this
DaDa! Rechooka No Baku. from season 9 episode 3, "Epstein Secrets Revealed". you should check it out sometime
what the fuck

I think this was only in the manga
FUCK them for making a gacha out of it, already spent 12万円 and still don't have a SSR Epstein
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