The Great Northern Experiment; or, Forty Acres & One Small Brain
It should be illegal for flash to make the comment
enable IPv6 or suffer from IPv4 deprectiation
actual big update time

pretty sure i covered everything that needed to be covered, i’ll post some misc pictures when i get home from work
i already watched it hah
the animals are cute spɟsƃɟ
Here's the pictures I promised the other day.

The goats just after we'd gotten them, in the original fenced area back when the graze was still fresh.

The chickens at a day old, just after I got them set up in the brooder. If you count carefully, you'll count twenty of them.

The chickens at somewhere between two to four weeks old. Note the gray patterns on the Jersery Giants; they were much grayer when they were younger.

The first path after the bridge was built but before the dirt was laid down. Shows the methods of construction a bit.

First is the grave I built on top of the site that the first shack was built. It was burnt down by the town fire department in a pile nearby, which still has scrap metal and remnants there to this day. Second is the remains of the second shack that collapsed after a few winters. There are no signs or remnants left over by the third shack.
smaller goat looking to jump on you again
always look on the bright side of life
at least you have an acutal bridge
i say a bridge for a city park made out of logs that wasnt really anchored down
enable IPv6 or suffer from IPv4 deprectiation