Chat auto-reconnect replays status messages
When the chat auto-reconnects due to an error, it replays all status messages it has seen.
do you mean /afk messages by that? I'm low intellect
i mean like, join and leave messages (possibly also nick changes), when you reconnect you get the "Welcome to Flash2 Chat", then the motd, and then every single join/leave (since you actually connected) again
I'm still not entirely sure what you mean, do you have a screenshot of it happening because it doesn't sound familiar to me.
i can confirm that this happens, i was going to make this thread this morning but osk beat me to it
the autoreconnect doesn't repeat all the status messages ever seen, just the ones in the backlog (sent again during reconnection), so i suspect that the message deduplicator does not recognize the join messages and they are repeated

there is one another bug with reconnections and users leaving, but i need to document it first and then i will make a thread (i hope i won't forget now once i've written this down here) spɟsƃɟ
cute spɟsƃɟ