2007 zx6r absolute rape time
hi guys. I sold some scrap on my property for about 500$ and immediately right after went out and bought my old bike for 600$ that i sold to some kid. anyway, they had pretty much raped it since they bought it, seized the motor, and wrecked it. But, it had most of its old stunt parts on, enough to rip and roar, and had a new motor on it.

The catch was the owner was not really mechanically inclined, so they left it out in the rain with no airbox or tank on and allowed it to rust for a few months. Essentially, itll need cleaning and some form of care. Im going to bring it back to what it was, a stunt bike, and rape the fuck out of it while i rebuild my other one. just straight up stunt it the fuck out. here she is, a 2007 zx6r 600cc.

itll be a fun project
p.s. the furry shit was put on by the previous owner.