Bev check let's hear everyone's favorite bevs
I'll go first ^_^

Absolute favorites: I really like smoothies and shakes (usually strawberry), also sparkling apple cider but that's a REALLY sometimes thing

Drinks I like: I'll drink my fair share of ginger ale, I like the taste, not much else to say about that

And then usually I just drink ice water, almost always have a cup next to my computer (hasn't gone wrong yet!)
I don't really like any warm drinks, they almost uniformly make me uneasy. Every once in a while I buy some coffee to see if I can stomach it yet and the answer is always no, even the tastier coffee like vanilla lattes >_<

Bev opinions appreciated :D
There is no "I" in idiot
amstel or duvel
arysil alcaholic D:
There is no "I" in idiot
not yet maybe soon
hoegaarden witbierke tho
My fav bevs in the world :D :
1. cold duveltje
2. cold chimaytje
3 cold la chouftje

4. tea i ghuess
/5. fucking water i guess
lets get a duveltje with everyone
i just drink copious amounts of batch-made earl grey tea spɟsƃɟ
i wanna have a duveltje with arysil
I like vanilla milkshakes, although I don't drink them much because it's not healthy. A healthier alternative that I consume more is orange juice.
For alcoholic bev I usually choose vodka, but if I am not feeling like drinking medical alcohol, I can always put some orange juice into it and it's gud.
But I usually have a bottle filled with tap water whenever I'm studying so I don't have to wake up to pick some as much.