Don't link/embed images directly from sites like imageboards like 4chan or social media like Twitter, reupload the images to imgur or other sites intended for hosting user content. Social media and imageboards often have hotlink protection preventing embeds or direct links from working, either that or in one particular case embedding a shock image instead. Especially this last one puts you in danger because you'll be held accountable for it from this news post onward.

In the future I'd wish to circumvent these issues by hosting images straight on the Flashii server, but I don't have the resources available for that at the moment.

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nook Pinned
ok whatever flashwave
I wouldnt use imgur as theyre botnet and dont support ipv6
Can we for the love of god have the media proxy turned back on
sure, i can't remember my reasoning for disabling it
thanks dad uploady to s-ul now like a good boi
yeah......................... no