Welcome (back?) to Flashii! In this post I'll be addressing a few points regarding the development process of the site.

It's been a while but I can finally make live news posts again without updating the website source code, although I do still have to do it through the database. Making management panels is annoying, okay? It's gonna take me a while to get things to an, in my opinion, usable standard again, because buzzwords but we're getting there... slowly. I have been, and will still be, posting little tidbit announcements to @flashiinet on Twitter after every major feature becomes available, most of you probably got linked to it through there.

This is probably gonna be a minor bummer to some, but it looks as if the forum will be available before the chat. There's a few knowledge roadblocks I've been running into that I need to sort out before I'll be able to push out a chat server I'm confident in. Rest assured because unlike past projects this will actually happen within your lifetimes!

And since I removed the little information block in favour of this post, I'll address the usage of the old design in favour of the one that I'd been teasing for years. I decided to shelve it again. I'm working on this site (and the chat) all by myself and I'm not a designer which is quite a lot of things to swallow, not to mention that said design wasn't anywhere near completion. This design is a lot simpler to work with and looks pretty decent. I'll add a dark mode once things are in a more complete state for the sensitive eyed among us. I'll most likely end up creating a forum topic in which we'll discuss the redesign of the site and hopefully someone more experienced in larger user interface design will be able to help me out. Also once this new design does go live, the ones that have grown attached to this current, simple design will be able to switch back to it at any time (among other tributes to stuff from Flashii Historyâ„¢).

In short; please bear with me, things are coming together slowly but surely and if you have any input be sure to let me know!

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