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About Satori
Satori is the user account for the official bot account in Flashii Chat.

HTTP Requests are made using the following User-Agent string format:
Satori/ (+

The URL is a link to this profile page with information about the bot. If you found this page through said URL and wish to contact the operator, head over to the contact page!

It should go without saying that there's no malicious intent with APIs that Satori uses, any erratic behaviour should be seen as accidental. Please contact us if you've observed such behaviour.

Images for the !img/~ command are sourced through Danbooru, Gelbooru and

Exchange rate data for the !exrate command is provided by

"Now Playing" information is retrieved from through using the username filled in on a person's profile.

Map rotation and festival information for Splatoon 3 and Splatoon 2 for the !s3schedule, !s2schedule, !s3fests and !s2fests commands are provided by and

Translation for the !tl command is provided by Google Translate.

Dictionaries for the !def command are provided by Wordnik.