Status page upgrade

So today because I was sick I rewrote the way the status page works (for the most part). Instead of just being hosted on the original free-host status server thing it's now hosted on 4 separate servers that I own and selected when you go to (As you can probably tell I suck at explaining things). To put it in one sentence; the status page itself should now be down less often...

At certain times the status page could take a while longer to load, this means it's either checking or updating the script. If this is the case just wait for it to finish it should automatically refresh once the update is complete I might make this process be handled using AJAX but that's for a later date.

You can get the source for the status page over here: flashii/status-page, the source for the "server checker" (don't have a proper name for it) will be released on a later date.

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