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Hi, It is I, the dumbass who goes by the unoriginal alias of chickentenides. most people call me other things. A few common names for example: Tendo, Syd, Retard (I get that one a lot).
uhh yeah. I exist. yay?
fuck, I guess i do owe you some compensation for having to endure the shitshow that was my attempt at making a forum last summer
thank you Jennifer
I'm mentally ill too

while im at it heres my other desktop
now that Win can't lock my threads, i can safely make one of these again

here's how it works

someone writes a sentence of the story but doesn't finish it, leaving it open for the next reply to complete and do the same, this goes on until either the story gets finished or someone derails the whole thread.
They were so severely autistic, a new name for a disease had to be made up to describe them.
she had a driving test the next day and there would be consequences if she failed
oh god pls dont lock my beautiful story thread again
I'm currently rewatching k-on subbed since the first time I watched several years ago, I made the mistake of torrenting an english dub
I know, I'm being a little bitch about it by having done this, but I actually dropped clannad because I started watching it with my ex-boyfriend, but going back to finish it reminds me of him and puts me in too shitty of a mood to even attempt finishing it.

it's been a few months since I last attempted, in your opinion (as in people who have finished it) is it worth it to try and pick back up again if i can finally get over that detail, or should i just not bother?

Ok, but being serious, I decided instead of accepting that I’ve gotten my life into quite the shitty spot, I plan to finally do something about it and turn things around for me.
its probably just my peanut brain that forgets everything in a span of 5 seconds, but i personally feel this would be a good idea so that when I'm typing replies, i can reference back to what exactly the person I'm replying to said.
that reminds me of my old laptop, it would spew air hot enough to make toast out of the exhaust vent, whenever i got cold, i would just use that to warm my hands, but it would sometimes burn me. I don't have the laptop with me to get a screenshot rn, but i think the average reported CPU temp was 150C
here's the specs for my ultrabook that replaced the toaster laptop, its a vaio pro 13 from the same era

then here's what my server that I recently swapped out the mobo in has in it

then my workstation has much beefier specs, but it needs some serious work, its been having therrnal problems and I realized cable management is fucking nonexistent when I got my hands on some matching DDR3-1866 and went to upgrade it from 16 GB to 24

I'll also post the specs of my Dell dimension 4700 when i get that back in working order
meanwhile in Commiefornia of all places you can buy this for $20 at a hardware store with no kind of id check
I mean I have just a pandora playlist playing on my Sonos soundbar (you need spotify premium to even stream to it and that shit's gay) but here's what's currently playing on it

this song is like nowhere near the majority of my music taste, but I still find it quite nice if the mood is right, same goes for the rest of what I've listened to from this artist
is it bad that I'm 98% sure I know exactly who you're talking about, Win?
also I dunno, I find the occasional post someone retweeted from those bots funny
i've never encountered problems on my vista VMs with vmware tools on a fresh install and my DVD is only service pack 1
is it just the specifics of me running ultimate x64 working for some reason or am I just lucky?
I'm also running an outdated copy of vmware workstation 12 tho.