British Indian Ocean Territory, 7 years old
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there are a few threads (particularly the masspost ones like waylt) i'd rahter not have forums marked unread for soti'd be pretty cute
^ that's my son, i just added a new index page check it out

( because my post just started a new page)
windows xp
Koishi: poop fart
it's just my file host, other pages are an amalgamation of old styley things i like
also for a while i went off juice because i read it as being "from concrete" rather than concentrate
as of before submitting this thread my nromal post count shows as 66, however on the submission page it's showing 68

probably due to deleted posts or smt
personally i think this girl is medium tier, maybe medium-low
sometimes i take green picture

i am also an avid sunrise/set appreciator

photography is something i'd really like to get into seriously but the starting price for decent kit is still pretty steep, plus you gotta go places you know
i hate sqsuids
it's like they've never even heard of phrasepin
would a blur filter be good because i am obsessed with those lately
i like sponge bob
OK Mom but jutsd kididng it's a regular nigeria scam but girled
Rejected. Try again next time.
the best video game series of all time don't@ me
lately i've been playing fever at 2x speed using dolphin, brings a whole new challenge to a game i've played for like 7 years lol
Please POst In The Thread That You HAved Friended Me On Osu I Mean FLashii So I CAn Mutual You

two of my favourite video game tracks both from the snes funnily enough and for completely polarizing moods, i put the latter on all the time for general calm ambience and the former for when i want to listen to what megalovania wishes it was

shoutout to the entire sonic cd soundtrack btw (jp, haven't given us a whirl just yet)
lmao that one was always confusing as hell to me because i'd play it on an emualator and + / AB were mapped to the opposite sides on my keyboard
i dunno mom it's kinda big, sort of annoying if i want to use the breadcrumbs but then accidnentally hover over one of the menus