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Hello, I'm just a guy in undergrad who left his school IT program. I am interested in several things, such as Assembly and cooking.
Hope we can get along.
I use the AKG K701 headphones. Very good sound. Shoddy build quality at best. I don't use an amplifier for my desktop audio, just for the stereo I hooked up to my turntable.
Hey, I'd like to join the chat hosted on the site but the client tells me that before joining I need to make an introduction and edit my profile, which I have already done to my liking. I can't really say how to recreate the bug because of those circumstances. Did I do something wrong, or do I need to add something else to my profile? I don't really know. Thanks.
Tonight I make "Steak au poivre", i.e. steak coated in peppercorn crust with traditional pan sauce based on cream, wine, and cognac (my wallet hurts).
happy birthday!

This song has been inspiration for something I am making lately.
I am not impressed by the new interface design at all, the graphical design seems even more focused on eyecandy. Windows 7 would've been one of the best operating systems ever made if you could disable Aero and also have vsync on the desktop. Other than that, I hope they will bring better filesystems to the Windows desktop because I find NTFS needlessly difficult and lacking in features (but the live compression is cool). Whatever OS I use I don't plan on using Windows any more for the long term so I don't see myself installing it though.
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