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Its Peanut Butter Time !!!
i would hug him :-)
Julian van de Groep: Flashii No. 2 in a minor, 9th movement (Adagio)
sorry, win... ate it all :'-(
keeping it nice and tidy since '15
I quite like green (495–570 nm).
I don't know why, but this is the one colour that sticks out. Other than that, I quite fancy black and purple.
My ping is higher than usual, but oh well.
we dell office workstation circa '09 now boii
i'm reviving this thread
melancholic jon arbuckle for ants
if anyone has managed not to hear of garfield minus garfield, i highly recommend checking it out
oh boy, the sweet memories of following pakistani tech tutorials for visual studio 2008
gorgeous relics of the past, indeed. we're entering a land full of broken english, copy+pasted code and 8 year old Matt's logic.

Os 2.0 Beta - from a time when version numbers meant nothing and security was my top concern™
(i'm not resizing it, it's how small i made it to be because having a 1440x900 monitor was a must)
oh, god! i wonder what the password and the User name is, it must be encrypted or something!
nevermind, it's just literally User and admin (thanks dotPeek)

yeah, it's not much, now is it? anyways, I have way more fun stuff hidden in those folders
you can't restrict me if i restrict you first, dumm dumm..
please refer to my profile picture, mom, thank you
@flash: more of a scooter man myself
I usually drink water as well, however due to my sickness, I'm drinking green tea with some plantain syrup.
I've been working on a python script a couple of months ago, which would scrape /wsg/ for threads I was interested in and save it into a folder nice and neat.

My goal originally was to download all the webms and then stream it continuously, kind of like a /wsg/ TV.

I was inspired to do this by a couple of guys in the [wsg] Discord, which is a community focused around making and archiving adult swim styled bumps from 4chan.

Needless to say, I feel like this reading back my code.

On another note, my mother thinks I'm a "computer whizz", which means she goes around telling her coworkers that I can make them cheap websites. Which is true, since an actual website which they contract a company for with regular maintenance and upkeep would cost them around $1k, but I still make like a couple of hundred bucks by basically just downloading free templates and tailoring it to their need, which is pretty neat :V.
I feel the need for such a thread, so here I am!
Post your favourite speedrunners/speedruns, tips, tricks, your own experiences and things related to speedrunning.

I'm gonna be a basic bitch and list my favourite speedrunners/speedruns:

I really like English Ben's speedruns and chaos% is just so fun to watch, especially when he needs to retry the mission for like the 30th time.

I find KZ_FREW quite entertaining and he explains a lot of techniques and quirks about certain games in great detail. I'm not gonna lie, I might've picked up some habits I use regularly during my playthroughs.

adam_ak hasn't ran anything in a while unfortunately, however his videos have a high rewatch value.


LOLYOU is notorious for his insane CS:GO frags, but, to my surprise, when I hopped in his stream, I found out that he was actually running HL. I haven't watched him since like 2017, so I don't know about him now, nonetheless, he interacted with his chat well.

DeSinc has gotten popular recently and I can see why. He makes interesting videos, I don't know if he actually runs the games, but he showcases great strats.