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it got so messy that at some point i had to make the background pure black so my eyes didnt hurt when trying to read all the icons
ok I don't have anything to contribute but these are really cute I love them and I love all of u

flash:remind me to move this thread to general discussion as that's where a squid truly belongs rather than the off topic shithole

flash didn't you just get these forums working how are there already "shithole"s
[b]I *cannot* be stopped[/b]
I feel as if I have a lot to learn about this place
I finished Yagate Kimi ni Naru this morning, and to my surprise it turned about to be a really unique entry among other shoujo romance. I really love some of the characters and beyond being adorable it's actually pretty insightful about how people change when other people prompt them to learn about themselves
i love her
for example,

this page is a little confusing because it's also part of the main forum page. I think it would make sense to include anchors for each category instead, so that one could be like or something
or otherwise some kind of tag to show these statuses
a website for osu!'s Project Loved! if all goes well the first versions will be live early next month :D
cute!! nice to meet you
ok it's an adorable forum so far &thanks for spending so much time to make it
no way I didn't know this software was actually known by anyone

I help my little cousin use it every time I visit him because he has autism and making animations with this is one of the few ways that he will express himself / communicate with people well
fell in love with this utaite I found yesterday, I'm still baffled at how she's not super famous or something

such a powerful voice I cry
it's cozy! <3
me too! \o/
flashwave is an angel
I was a little confused when trying to reply to a thread because I didn't notice it was locked

possible ideas
- add another "locked" notice to the bottom of topic views, so you can easily see it in place of the reply button
- make locked posts look unique in forum views, so maybe like... lower opacity, or a different color, idk (just something other than the icon cuz the icon kinda blends in if you're not looking at it directly)
i use fedora on my desktop but i know just about nothing about the differences between distros so I only prefer cuz im used to it
I am agnes's girlfriend nice to meet y'all
I feel like it would make more sense to put the reply box on the same page? like this in place of the Reply button or something similar