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i havent been around so if anyone still loves me ill come around more. :) i miss yall so much


yes ive wrecked several as well. i stunt them out now mostly and try to keep away from police cause i cant afford to have any type of record lol

i also own a small ass company in digital marketing. web design too. the businesses around here charge 6k minimum for a small gay ass website built in wordpress with only 5 pages. so since i can make one from bootstrapper i figured why not get into it and try...
usually go on big rides, we got one comming up in February and one in may. excited as hell to go lol.

my current bike is the red one i showed you

and yeah dude its like stupid easy money, just trying to get customers is the fun part. i oughtta just start calling random businesses though and offer a website for cheap
hi im noob and i miss everyone and wanna hug you all like a bucket of bunnies
please so i can complain and bitch and moan about how much i am not enjoying wordpress. shit balls fuck ass
nevermind forget it i found it in the software devlopment section okay ill go complaint there thanks
why is it that wordpress just assumes we cant custom code our own shit. why is it that upon calling them up their excuse for using any ftp or editing their files is a security risk? goddamn mayne
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uhhhh uhhhhhhh
yeah well i got a customer here who is deadbent on me revamping their ecommerce site with custom shit. unfortunately i cant figure out a fucking way to put this custom junk in there. worst case scenario i tell em whats up. i cant even insert a shit box manually
why so many skype agnes
So i got a website i gotta build, and i absolutely do not want to use wordpress. (but will if im forced to)
I want to be able to make a login/registration and create a user base where users can send a song of their own to be mixed and configured by a music dj guy and once he's done, he will send a sample to people with a free account, and people with paid accounts get a fully optimized and mixed song.

I have limited skills in PHP, js, but i know SQL. I have a large database in access ive implemented stuff like this, but the access program i made years ago is from access 97...
Im thinking this will require an entirely new DB system and programming.

Any ideas or where i should start?
thank you so much malloc, i havent ever done a userbase, so this will be pretty interesting.
just like my username suggests, i am a noob. I am not the best in doing PHP and do not have my own server. Am using hosting from namecheap. What would be a good way to just get started? What kind of forms and how would i implement these into my site? sorry im such a noob at this, its a whole different level but id love to learn
Yeah, I might need to set up my own server? I have a desktop server from ages ago i set up once, but havent used it in a while.

I also need to know, is this something i can even do on a website like namecheap with cpanel? Honestly, ive done very limited in this area of websites, Im quick to learn though, and i have a few months to do this.
I like the Idea of the OVH, just not sure where to start as far as the website and forms go... sorry if i need my hand held through this, my first one and wanna make it go well
take your hands away from the keyboard and put them where i can see them, youre under arrest jew
Scratch all that, figured it all out and knocked it out! was easier than i thought! Still need to get down php though.

For the first time ever, i really felt like i knew exactly what i was doing LOL
i have been banned too many times and cant remember why lol.

probably because i was uglie :(
i need help

I got a website i need to make, it will involve no scrolling. You just click to navigate, left right, up, down. 5 squares including the home page square. when you click a button, it zooms to the square above with whatever info is there, then you click the return to home and it brings you back down to the middle box that serves as the home page. is there an easy way to do this? i am killing myself using javascript and fucking up all changes of making it phone compatible by doing it the way i am, how would you tackle this?
Horozontal and vertical navigation using buttons. Essientially the website will load in the middle square.
wtf ever happened to this glorious sock chat?

and VOIP is something i would like to see if you have it already
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