United States, 19 years old
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the sm57 is the best microphone in the world and no one can convince me otherwise

i like listening to music, reading, and sleeping

mostly sleeping
oh yeah well i bet you cant use it as a hammer so there
dam you got me there
digital more like shitigal haha

analog all the way, no exceptions ever
I'm just gonna dump some older stuff I recorded/made since I don't really have anything recent to share

https://instaud.io/21OK - I was fucking around with a digitech synth wah that i got a few months ago and liked the sound i got out of it

https://splice.com/walllable/garbage-truck - covered a bit of a song from the scott pilgrim movie, looking back on it the mixing on the drums is kinda shit but seeing as though it was never really meant to be more than a demo so whatever

https://splice.com/walllable/modules - old song i was making with sounds i ripped from a .mod file

https://splice.com/walllable/ - this has a decent amount of things i've done, with stems so you can listen to individual instruments and such

I'll probably post some more when i either dig more stuff up or when I'm not feeling too lazy to bother uploading more
all according to plan
i spelled it that way like ten years ago and it's kinda stuck

better than the studio version imo
sweet dreams
pictures from my bus stop and some other places

abandoned house that used to be near my bus stop but got demolished a few months later

I need to fuck around with paulstretch sometime, I've wanted to make an ambient type thing for a while now. I really like the ambient stuff you recorded, I'm looking forward to seeing that VRC map.

https://instaud.io/1UI7 - fucking around with serum, output to my guitar amp and recorded with an sm57 because that's the best microphone I have

https://instaud.io/1RpH - fucking around with a farfisa organ simulator, put through a distortion pedal and out to my guitar amp, also recorded with an sm57

https://instaud.io/1WOQ - shitty riff i recorded and built on slightly, I think I recorded it mostly to play with the tone I got, probably won't do anything more with it unless I think of something to do with it and i doubt i will

https://splice.com/walllable/guitar-jan-6-demo_6 not even sure if this can really be called a demo but i recorded this a bit more than a year ago and I kinda like it still
who am i kidding its not like you're gonna dream if you've practiced r e a l s l e e p
what i thought this was pink this entire time

my favorite color is also green
all i drink is water
nah the author was just telling you a great way to remember your password, if you ever forget it just look at the subject of the email you sent him
i want virtual reality contact lenses to be a thing now please
what about onward
here's my shit

'97 Affinity Squier Strat
My aunt got me this a few years ago from a garage sale, isn't exactly the greatest but it's good enough for me right now, although I've never really used anything better so I dunno if I can really say how good or bad it is. Kind of a pain to replace strings on though because the fifth tuning peg/pin thing doesn't stay in

Digitech Synth Wah and Dod Death Metal Distortion FX86B
The distortion pedal sounds okay enough depending on what pickup I'm using and how I have the EQ set, but I really wish it had a gain control on it. Don't use it very often, since my DAW has better solutions for distortion.
The Synth Wah's really the only one I use regularly, since I can't really find a way to get a similar sound on my computer as reliably as this thing does. It has a few different modes, a wah that's triggered by the volume of the input that can go down or up, a synth-type sound that has a low-pass filter than can either go down or up, and some vowel-y type filters, which is what Daft Punk used in most of if not all of Human After All. Here's a demo: https://instaud.io/3bU8

M-Audio MobilePre USB Audio Interface

An audio interface I got for like $3 at a thrift store, considering how much I paid for it I'm not gonna complain about the outdated drivers. Honestly has everything I need, two 1/4 inch inputs, two 1/4 inch outputs, two XLR inputs, and a 3.5mm stereo line input.

Samson Carbon49 MIDI Keyboard and Akai MIDImix MIDI Mixer (Exactly what it says on the tin)

Keyboard's alright for $100, kind of wish it had aftertouch instead of just velocity though. The mixer that's sitting on it is more useful to me as something to use to control synth controls rather than as an actual mixer, though.

Crate MX20RC Guitar Amp and Shure SM57 Microphone

The amp's your usual bedroom guitar amp, not sure if I really need to say too much more. It has a built in (unadjustable) chorus, and spring reverb that doesn't sound too great. Also has distortion that sound like garbage. It sounds fine without those on, though. The SM57's a pretty good-sounding mic, better than the Blue Snowball I have at my desk anyway.

Eastar Melodica

It's a melodica, I don't really have much else to say about it other than I haven't used it very much yet.