Australia, 17 years old
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good design from the folks at google
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debian on my laptop, might switch to arch
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i just pulled a 143pp (thats good for me ok) play out of my ass wtf
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I've been watching Quanzhi Gaoshou (technically not anime, but its anime-influenced chinese animation so w/e) and it's been alright so far. I get an SAO vibe from it but nowhere near as shitty and all the characters are much older.
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its getting cooler thank god
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i honestly agree, im decaying like a motherfucker rn
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>tied with rebecca
i cannot let this stand
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i had a scary monsters and nice sprites midi as my ringtone in primary school cause thats what all the cool:tm: kids:tm: were listening to
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misato wallpaper but its on a rotation with other stuff
i would switch to linux but nahhhhh
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op, how have you had a commodore without issues up until this point wtf
thats like
not a thing
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me clawing my sorry ass out of bed
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the only reason i use it is because (specifically) 4channel isnt blocked at school and /g/ is more entertaining than some random shit about something
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see title
here are some rules that to make life easier -
1. no waveforms that are mostly brickwalled
2. thats all i can think of rn

what i use to look at the waveform is a plugin called waveform seekbar for foobar2000, link:

i'll start

(sorry if this isnt allowed or is just plain stupid)
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@win wrong but your right in it being some poser normie shit
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you have no idea how excited i am after getting this rank
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i know issa dead thread, but that looks like the same mount as socket 939, so if the hyper 212 uses the same mounting mechanism that the stock coolers use (arm that locks down) you could probably get 2 socket 939 stock cooler mounting brackets for like $5 each to mount the cooler
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