United States, 20 years old
Last seen
hi, im alice. i used to go on malup but i just lurked.

i like touhou, dota, tf2, oldschool runescape and some other games. i also like computers but im not too smart.

i also like exploring new music if anyone wants to welcome me by sharing some tracks they like. =)
i try to keep playing whats good in the patch, so no more spamming wisp anymore! but overall disruptor, winter wyvern and vengeful spirit are always fun to play
ogre magi's a hero to turn off your brain to! i think its impossible to not giggle or have a fun game, win or loss with that silly hero.

anyways yeah! i remember a few names here from a long while ago and stumbled upon this forum and thought it'd be a fun place again. =)
damn idk if i even remember my username back then, it was probably some weeb/anime thing but im bad at usernames
i didnt post that much anyways , just liked to read and was interested in a lot of topics which is why im happy i found this forum
this thread inspired me to go and find a good vrchat model and clean my room a little bit
can we play on furrypound like the good old times
maybe its default maps with furry steam profiles so kinda