Added rel stuff to the Twitter link under the Home dropdown.
Some styling updates to the old header.
Use case sensitive ETag for proxy.
Removed todo section.
Added Satori logging support.
Added SFTP support.
Serve basic error pages when using through the proxy script.
Started work on header redesign (tester-only for now).
Fixed user menu alignment on mobile.
Moved mark as read button to the actions row.
Added some topic moderation tools.
Added other jpeg mime type to the proxy.
Proxy fixes.
Fixed horrible bug in shitty bbcode parser.
Nuked the stale chat quotes code, rewrite when the chat actually exists.
Fixed ordering of user menu, was backwards for compat with the older menu.
Updated post links to only use direct ones, indirect would break on different pages.
Added page jumping to mobile view.
Added basic post deletion (no AJAX or topic deletion yet).
Added button to mark a forum or the entire thing as read.
Added more typesafe shorthands for fetching database operations.
Fixed incorrect post count on posting page.
Removed the 'throwback' PM welcome notice from the frontpage.
Enabled pointer-events on the topic/category stats.
Fixed wideposting being fixed too early.
Limit video dimensions.
Fixed oversight causing people to be unable to post.
Fixed overlow issues on forum index on mobile, closes #99.
Fixed user info in topics on mobile.
Added measure to prevent doubleposting.