Use virtual channel name for DMs.
Undid the IPacketTarget system.
No longer keep track of connections within the ChatUser class.
Renamed 'Sessions' to 'Connections'
Un-switch packet handlers.
Actually send the message deletion packet.
Fixed Tricolor Turf War gamemode name.
Added h1 thru h6 bbcodes.
Include Splatfest info in SplatoonResponse.
Added support for Tricolor battle in schedule command.
Enabled Splatfest map rotation information.
funtime is a growing girl
Added most active forum category and topic to profiles.
Updated Satori to use new authentication format.
Updated chat clients to use new authentication format.
Better session ID generation code.
Updated protocol documentation to indicate that IDs should not be treated as numbers.
Fixed the backlog being sent in reverse order.
Marginal improvements to cross thread access.
Make funtime's messages accurate to her height.
Ported the config system from old master.
Backported SharpId class
Removed a bunch of @ prefixes that aren't needed.
Sharp Chat interop updates.
Don't use a stinky Timer for user bumps and exclude AFK.
Removed internal ban handling and integrate with Misuzu.
Fixed permabans showing up as 1970 in Ami.
Convert Colour class to a struct.
Code style updates.
Removed protocol enums.