Actually populate the example config.
Added some boilerplate code to Hanyuu.
Use interface constants instead of a dedicate enum class for config types.
Changed name of context class and global variable.
Updated handler classes to use the new IRouter interface.
Added interface for common router methods.
Removed unused tester permission.
Store forum permission types as numbers rather than bit shifts.
Removed error to exception conversion in Misuzu (handled in Index).
Updates to GeoIP lookup stuff.
Updated composer libraries.
Removed IPAddress::remote and all implicit resolving of the request remote address.
Removed IPAddress methods only used by the blacklist.
Removed IP blacklist for now.
Rewrote Twitter connection (v1.1 -> v2).
Actually run precommit this time.
Added common random string generation routine.
Added ability to remove cookies.
Fixed error when trying to use the forum posting form.
Rewrote avatar element contruction as Twig macro.
Updated copyright year.
Updated copyright year.
Replaced Misuzu Colour library with the Index ones.
Added default alpha param to ColourRGB and ColourHSL.
Removed more XHR leftovers.
Removed XHR stuff from comments handler.
Added function to convert to Misuzu format colours.
Added colour library tests.
"Fixed" user editor in the broom closet.
Pruned a lot of existing Javascript, comments will receive and overhaul later.