Fixed edit display threshold.
Pluralise Views.
Fixed topic read status check.
Updated Index library.
Removed Index submodule.
Removed Misuzu support.
Updated MySQL library.
Removed Windows support.
Removed Satori broadcasting.
Switch to Sasae.
Fixed static analysis detections.
Moved render_info and render_error into Template class.
Removed html_colour function, moved renamed DateCheck to Tools and moved the country names function into it and use new callable syntax.
No longer rely on Referer header for the comments return URL.
Fixed leaderboard name not retaining the leading 0.
Append total posts count at the end of the leaderboard.
Fixed oversight.
Fixed missing use statement.
Added permission for displaying load timings in the footer.
Removed old database backend.
Count profile stats using Index database backend.
Added shitty search hack to users class.
Added targeted permission recalculation.
Fixed errors on profiles.
Bump minimum PHP requirement.
Removed manage.php.
Fixed user colours in comments sections.
Fixed topic type string usage.
Fixed user colours not showing on forum posts.
Rewrote forum backend.