Fixed post lookup exploding with non-existent ID, closes #122.
Scheduled wideposting to fix itself in February, closes #103.
Fixed pagination not counting properly for moderators, closes #123.
Added small topic pagination to topic listing.
Fixed permission constant not being used.
Fixed post lookup.
Lowered minimum lengths for forum stuff.
Fixed warnings manager 404.
Fixed graphical glitches (hopefully).
Add ETag cache support to avatars, backgrounds and proxied media.
Made the header padding less weird.
Fixed changelog date page throwing a 404.
Change opacity of locked topics.
Show locked/archived notice at the end of the page too.
Fixed forums with not posts throwing a 404.
Fixed soft delete listing issues.
Add audio formats to the proxy whitelist.
Added audio bbcode.
Fixed oversight in post locating.
Fixed Parsedown being a piece of garbage.
Allow overriding the lockdown message.
Fixed severe error caused by media proxy function.
Add media proxying.
Fixed topic listing style issue.
Added hover effect to latest user on front page.
Rewrote the pagination system.
Restore [url] and [url=] bbcodes.
Don't automatically link images.
Fixed New Topic button not showing up anymore (assumed wrong column type).
Some stylistic code changes.