Added macro for defining audit log constants.
Added OP badge, closes #120.
Added @flashiistatus to the contact page
Added forum signatures.
Display user title on the forum.
Temporary (hopefully less glitchy) member listing.
Cleaned up random queries, closes #132.
Made new header public.
Added participation indicator to topics.
Less bad hover effect on avatar.
Added baseline for birthday field.
Doubled CSRF token lifetime (15 minutes -> 30 minutes).
Fixed CSRF check failure discarding posts.
Removed hack required for floating header.
Removed comment.
Increased max-height of about section.
More subtle user colour glow around header avatar.
Fixed annoyingness.
Fixed issues with the mobile nav.
Restyled the desktop header once more.
Copy menu generation code to old header.
Linkify urls on the forum.
Fixed links not embedding.
Header updates (tester only).
Added rel stuff to the Twitter link under the Home dropdown.
Some styling updates to the old header.
Use case sensitive ETag for proxy.
Removed todo section.
Added Satori logging support.
Added SFTP support.