Merged Chat and Protocols directory.
Fixed infinite redirect loop.
Fixed some config related things.
Implemented beginnings of event based internal communication.
Translate all Sock Chat packets to objects.
Added <noscript> message.
Added sound set manager.
Updates to ISound structure.
Use JSON for configuration.
Added logging to recursive_copy().
Beginning bits of Sock Chat implementation.
Added ability to load config variables from the filesystem.
Ported existing code to preact.
Fixed dumb NPM garbage.
Add Kuroko to Window.
Updated kuroko.js path in html.
Wow ! Modules !
Switched to webpack for TypeScript compilation.
Search page is now public.
Fixed signatures not having a height limit.
Moved news index.
Moved some elements of news outside of news.php
Fixed TS errors my laptop was complaining about.
Updated libraries.
Added post editor buttons.
Restored password confirmation during registration.
Restore accidentally removed function.
Added basic user post listing.
Highlight active profile section.
Fixed error on search and profile pages.