Base Sock Chat client implementation.
Added Sock Chat protocol enums.
Fixed wrong base64_encode function being used in auth.php.
Added lite login modal window, closes #79.
Merged auth cookies into one.
Removed rule regarding trivial posts.
Updated more static urls.
Updated forum headers, closes #143.
Make sure we're running from the proper directory.
Broadcast in headless mode.
Set +x on script.
Added cron flag to script.
Updated directives.
Replaced build batch script with a run bash script.
Added essential file that was missing for some reason.
Targeted the backup manager project .net core 2.2.
Always broadcast to chat on completion.
Changed mysqldump arguments and added a filesystem dump path.
Removed Google Drive backup storage support.
Added query string splitting utility function.
Moved the startup invoker to index.php out of Kuroko.ts.
Added favicon to chat.
Fixed forum post deletion redirections.
Added basic chat input form styling.
Added base class for chat conversation windows.
Display version on the loading screen.
Added ChainSequence class for slightly less ugly callback chains.
Removed unused function from the build script.
Backported some changes to the build script from Kuroko to Misuzu.
Slight directory structure change.