Forgot the nullables!
Fixed defaults handling.
Fixed gigantic oversight.
Reduced ->value calls.
Updated more stuff to use RequestVar.
Allow login with previous 2FA code as well, closes #163.
Removed StyleCI config.
Accidentally pushed experimental code, fix round 1.
Changed background colour of dropdowns in member list, fixes #164.
Added profile topic listing (wip).
Removed experimental enum usage from comment votes table.
Improved two factor login flow.
Disable two factor authentication on password reset.
Moved some 2FA stuff into functions.
Rehash passwords when required during login.
Fixed migration page.
Added time based two factor authentication support.
Set a max-height on bbcode pictures.
Split auth.php up into multiple files.
Added experimental request variable access class.
Flip the landing page columns, closes #154.
Post featured news post links to Twitter.
Added Twitter auth command and some base functions.
Just kidding, this shit actually fixes it.
Fixed exception while marking entire forums read.
Match the news preview styling with the real page more.
Use constants in query.
Adjustments to make the TRIGGER execute properly.
Statically count topic views.
Fixed bug where migration page would never disappear.