Fixed signatures not having a height limit.
Moved news index.
Moved some elements of news outside of news.php
Fixed TS errors my laptop was complaining about.
Updated libraries.
Added post editor buttons.
Restored password confirmation during registration.
Restore accidentally removed function.
Added basic user post listing.
Highlight active profile section.
Fixed error on search and profile pages.
Added Zalgo bbcode
Added debug mode check.
Fixed permission checking.
Added function to bump topic priority.
Use wide icons in priority vote forums.
Added basic priority star display.
Added priority fetch function.
Added feature forum type.
Removed all uses of $GLOBALS.
Fixed mobile menu not checking permissions.
Add support for individual forum category icons.
Fixed search header overlaying navigation.
Fixed the way polls are displayed in certain situations.
Use news_preview macro for search results.
Use real post layout for search page.
Add support for permission bound navigation items.
Fixed perms_get_keys().
Fixed forum not behaving as expected while logged out.
Fixed tag being closed too early.