Updated search bar look.
Added basic search page.
Better indexing and added statistics overview to manage.
Fixed last post listing while logged out.
Removed all uses of legacy translucent background variable.
Added RSS/Atom feeds to the news section.
Hardcoded changelog actions.
Added permission checks to the recursive read status and last post function.
Exclude deleted posts from the latest posts fetcher.
Make branch name take place of tag name when not in HEAD.
Fixed branch display.
Removed unused constant.
Added forum post submission with CTRL+ENTER.
Only do posting timeout check when creating a topic or post.
Fixed timeago initialisation.
Removed small mode from forum_get_children.
Display pre-template load time in footer.
Recursively retrieve last post in forum.
Changed the unread check function to a counter.
Removed old forum read checking code.
Initial recursive read status.
Removed pointless topic_id null check.
Fixed indexes in the categories table.
Display branch name in footer when not in master branch.
Merge pull request #173 from flashwave/libraries-update-from-donation-branch
Updated libraries and minor typing fix.
Fixed unfollowing, closes #172.
Added more validation to audio tag.
Added nicovideo embedding support to [video] tag, closes #171.
Fixed forum read status not updating after topic has been moved.