Fixed feedback redirect going to a deleted forum.
Altered details of the built in fallback user a bit.
Added beginning bits for the permissioning system.
Temporarily removed ybabstat.
Redid the font directory structure and CSS files.
Fixed subnet matching causing an error.
Added smooth scroll to top thing.
Added JavaScript form checking to registration form.
Changed the icons displayed on the side of the index when logged out.
Split Yuuno CSS up in multiple files.
Made maximum and minimum username length configurable.
Added a JavaScript port of the password entropy function.
Made the registration recaptcha refresh upon failure.
Made the manage footer sticky to the bottom.
Added a method to checkLogin to bypass cookies.
Added flag to login function that doesn't set cookies.
Removed unused code for error logging.
Redid scroll to top button and added a cute little animation to it.
Moved Members button to the user part of the header menu and added a link to search.
Added new favicon.
Exported updated SQL structure.
Moved site description and tags to the config.
Fixed broken links because of the domainset changes.
Added links to forum and management pages.
Moved Manage and Forum to a subdirectory instead of a subdomain.
Rebuilt news XML to be more modular as opposed to a pile of prints.
Fixed {{ sakura.currentpage }} redirecting to the php file that's being used without the right attributes.
Replaced .cfg files and parser with the built in .ini parser.
Fixed a wrong way of assigning notifications to a user (Session::$userId instead of $user).
Fixed CORS breaking notifications.