Fixed a multitude of fuckups.
Added automatic premium after payment.
Added Payments class.
Changed SAKURA_VTYPE to a SAKURA_STABLE boolean that can be used for only showing things on stable or development builds.
Added topic and post counters to the frontpage.
Changed Edit icon on profiles.
Added basic topic viewing support.
Fixed bug in the friends system where getFriends() only returns one friend.
Fixed all (found) bugs related to the previously listed change.
Removed getUserProfileData() which decodes the json in the userData column and do it in the getUser() function.
Added basic topic list support.
Added support for infinite subforums.
Made some of the functions in the Configuration class more readable.
Fixed an error in the password reset process.
Changed the die() in the version checker to a trigger_error().
Put the Forum Listing and Front Page in the same PHP file as they both request nearly identical info (only difference is probably news post/forum posts).
Added a bbcode parser.
Changed the options next to the avatar on the index panel.
Removed remaining code for the old profile API.
Fixed settings page being usable when logged out.
Changed & to & in some URLs.
Added friends system.
Added notification history section contents to settings panel.
Added /header to profile for spooky things.
Redid some of the users table structure.
Added JSON indentation/pretty printing function.
Removed old deactivation checking method.
Fixed logged out users inherit permission strings from random user groups.
Added configuration option to enable template caching.
Compressed Yuuno back to one CSS file again.