Fixed broken links because of the domainset changes.
Added links to forum and management pages.
Moved Manage and Forum to a subdirectory instead of a subdomain.
Rebuilt news XML to be more modular as opposed to a pile of prints.
Fixed {{ sakura.currentpage }} redirecting to the php file that's being used without the right attributes.
Replaced .cfg files and parser with the built in .ini parser.
Fixed a wrong way of assigning notifications to a user (Session::$userId instead of $user).
Fixed CORS breaking notifications.
Fixed some redundancy in the news viewer.
Compactise (not a word but you get the meaning) array adding in the server-side notification system.
Fixed avatar border being depositioned.
Added function to actually create notifications.
Fixed a missing newline in a template file.
Added the notification system.
Moved panel on the right site of the index to its own template file.
Added post count to the users table structure.
Added content retrieval functions for the forum.
Exported updated SQL structure.
Added a Google based search page.
Added comments to yuuno.js.
Added a parallaxing effect on profile backgrounds.
getWarnings() can now return all warnings when the first parameter is false.
Added base stuff for the warnings system.
Changed the way profile backgrounds are handled.
Removed the blank background for inactive users.
Added profile backgrounds.
Added Forum class.
Improved the manage navigation.
Added supporter purchase page.
Improved the error page.