Added HTML e-mail template.
Bundled Fw Whois.
Added function to retrieve the country code from the CloudFlare header.
Added e-mailing function.
Added Sock Chat integration script.
Implemented logout functionality.
Added deletion function to the SQL wrapper.
Improved session management.
Logging in works!
Added a function that checks if an IP originates from CloudFlare and then replaces the IP with the proper one set in the header.
Added some IP checking related functions.
Added a function that checks e-mail address domains for (valid) MX-records.
Bundled the PayPal SDK.
Removed static location references from the CSS files.
Added logout function.
Exported updated SQL structure.
Updated the directory structure of the assets.
Added a function to retrieve all users that signed up using a given IP address.
Fixed massive mistake in the Hashing class causing all password hashes to be broken.
Added login function.
Updated authentication pages.
Replaced all tab characters with 4 spaces.
Improved template engine wrapper.
Started with the authentication implentation.
Implemented the earlier mentioned sessioning system.
Exported updated SQL structure.
Fixed mistake in .htaccess.
Removed static location references.
Open source'd and repository now hosted on GitHub.
Exported updated SQL structure.