Added members page.
Removed CloudFlare origin check on the country header.
Hide abyss'd users.
Rewrote most of the image serving script.
Added a replacement avatar for deactivated users.
Made most of the profile hidden when a user is deactivated.
Fixed youtubetype 1 displaying the channel ID as the link title.
Fixed profiles not showing profile data to logged in users.
Fixed Canada not existing.
Fixed a bug in the rank checker (didn't decode the json string in the db).
Fixed a bug causing by a bug fix in the login process (ironic).
Fixed using a username instead of an id (/u/[username]) not working.
Fixed off-site account links being displayed to guests.
Fixed activation system assigning the wrong rank after activating.
Fixed a bug in the rank checker (for example: the system says you're activated but also deactivated at the same time).
Fixed a bug in the registration process causing a PDO Exception.
Fixed the chat redirect.
Fixed AJAX based forms not submitting when hitting enter.
Made all online users display on the frontpage.
Made a glow appear around a user's avatar on their profile if they're online or offline (active in the last 5 minutes).
Fixed things breaking during the activation process.
Made the last online timestamp actually update itself.
Made a tenshi tag thing display if a user has tenshi.
Made a user's country display on their profile.
Fixed rank title not displaying on profiles.
Fixed profile data not displaying properly.
Added a function to get a user's profile data.
Started with the implementation of profiles.
Added changelog page.
Added some more missing assets.