Improved news related functions.
Added example configuration file.
Added news RSS feed.
Made the statistics on the homepage actually work.
Added the news page.
Made the markdown parsing function have access to the parser (>.>).
Added hardcoded dummy user and group.
Switched the markdown parsing function to public.
Exported updated SQL structure.
Added credits page.
Removed affiliates section from the footer.
Changed the ROOT_DIRECTORY constant to just ROOT.
Temporarily removed Gzip compression due to issues with the error handler.
Added error logging.
Added .git* files and the Apache License v2.
Added Gzip compression.
Added template engine wrapper.
Added template configuration parser.
Added more descriptive comments in the code.
Added descriptive files in the root directory.
Make getting news posts less heavy on the SQL server.
Added chat directory.
Fixed a define collision.
Added image serving script.
Added a function to retrieve news posts from the database.
Added function to get a group's database row.
Added news post template file.
Added function to get a user's database row.
Added a "Remember me" checkbox.
Added some common PHP functions to the global template tags.