Added files for
Stable: Update frontpage code. (End of Hidoi development)
Change namespace from Flashii to Sakura.
Added Sessions class.
Added more methods to the SQL wrapper.
Added reCAPTCHA verification function.
Change entire system to static classes.
Exported the SQL structure.
Added a 404 page.
Added more templates.
Removed per-file template engine initialisation.
Uploaded some assets that were missing.
Fixed some template tags being broken.
Added a better configuration management class.
Made slight changes to the templating system.
Added ROOT_DIRECTORY constant.
Added dynamic SQL database wrapper.
Stable: Made Administrator user colour a little lighter.
Stable: Implemented banning.
Stable: Bottom padding.
Stable: malloc can no longer deactivate his account :^).
Stable: **Pushed Development branch to Stable.**
Development: Finished frontend and backend for deactivated.
Development: Finished backend for groups manager.
Development: Finished backend for password changing.
Development: Finished backend for user title changing.
Development: Fixed bug in the time difference algorithm in the username changing page, thanks malloc for pointing my idiocy out.
Development: Finished backend for username changing.
Development: Finished backend for e-mail changing.
Stable: Added checking if the submit post variable is set, forgot to do that and it fucked shit up.