Stable: Implemented banning.
Stable: Bottom padding.
Stable: malloc can no longer deactivate his account :^).
Stable: **Pushed Development branch to Stable.**
Development: Finished frontend and backend for deactivated.
Development: Finished backend for groups manager.
Development: Finished backend for password changing.
Development: Finished backend for user title changing.
Development: Fixed bug in the time difference algorithm in the username changing page, thanks malloc for pointing my idiocy out.
Development: Finished backend for username changing.
Development: Finished backend for e-mail changing.
Stable: Added checking if the submit post variable is set, forgot to do that and it fucked shit up.
Stable: Spooky security stuff.
Development: Added groups manager frontend to the settings page.
Development: An alert() used for testing in the JavaScript side of things.
Development: Frontend for Password and User Title changing.
Development: Fixed error in Settings panel when birthdate is not set.
Development: Readd some links to profile edit pages on the front page (mainly as filler :3).
Development: Removed hints to the management panel from the front page (for now).
Development: Rebound some CSS elements.
Added old assets.
Display version in the footer.
Started work on a new Flashii backend based on an old BBBB2 code base.
Stable: Fixed changelog viewer showing dates that aren't relevant as well as a redo of the entire array sorting system.
Stable: Added user filter to changelog (?user=[userid]).
Chat: Fixed whitespace not properly wrapping in the code tag.
Chat: Hitting tab now autocompletes a username in chat.
Stable: Use ?userinfo instead of ?chat for the Skype link on profiles.
Chat: Fixed the daemon pinning the CPU usage to 100%.
Development: Fixed big images leaving container on smaller views in the Settings Panel.