Chat: Installed Sock Chat.
Stable: Old whois page now links to
Chat: >Implying that automatic greentexting is a useful feature
Development: Made markdown text smaller.
Development: Cleaned up stylesheet.
Development: Readded the to top button.
Chat: Added a HTML5 sound engine to the chat (credit goes to Kurasha244), it'll fall back to the flash player addon if your browser doesn't support HTML5.
Development: Made the side buttons on the reCAPTCHA resemble the input buttons more.
Development: Added username change settings page, design is there but functionality isn't.
Development: Use a text logo instead of an image as we've got a Segoe UI webfont at our disposal anyway.
Chat: Replaced (e.g. Koishi) with (Case sensitive!) on chat login page to make it a bit more obvious.
Stable: Removed /hell/, you can download the files ~~here~~ if you wish to.
Development: Added 'stylised' class for h1 element, might do h2 and h3 later or just give them the same effects.
Stable: Removed some other old backend leftovers.
Stable: Removed whois.php and all links to it.
Stable: Made replacement for the Feedback board as posted in this news post.
Development: Say Twitter instead of @_flashii in the footer.
Development: Minor tweaks to the e-mail changing page of the ucp.
Stable: **Removed old backend!**
Stable: Added XML feed to changelog page, works with the ?branch= request modifier too!
Development: Changed table border colour to a shade of purple as opposed to white, this blends in with the style better.
Development: Images leaving container of "Read" pages.
Development: Converted the contact page to a "Read" page.
Development: Fixed wrong description showing up in the registration keys section of the Settings pages (whoops).
Stable: Removed feedback board due to compatibility issues.
Development: E-Mail Address changing section frontend finished, backend has not been made yet.
Stable: Made a quick replacement for the UCP on stable.
Development: Finished Registration Key section of the Settings page.
Development: Finished Background section of the Settings page.
Development: Finished Avatar section of the Settings page.