Sorted the changelog styling out.
Removed dumb comment.
Moved stats into a single db_query call.
Removed needless caching stuff.
Update client scripts to use the url registry.
Removed old test site related redirect.
Updated most static urls to use the url registry.
Fixed post editor avatar.
Fixed backwards check.
Massive user card overhaul.
Stop loading when an error occurs during initial connect.
Memoize perms (why wasn't this done already).
Fixed typo.
Added more styling to the followers/following page.
Updated profile.php in accordance with user assets no longer being served through it.
Moved user asset serving out of profile.php.
Added raw following/followers pages.
Don't reprepare already prepared statements.
More margin fixes.
Run some cron tasks at a lower frequency (lofreq are run once an hour, hifreq every 10 minutes).
Recursively count topics and posts.
Fixed forum status margin, closes #144.
Added super user flag.
Change 'Creating' to 'Loading'.
Add icon pack loading to the chain.
Centralise icon creation.
Beginnings of settings ui.
Renamed the message related sound events.
Added base bindable stuff.
Register a set of sounds to work with during debug.