Libreboob meme machine
It might look cool but I can't use it because I don't have a power button and forgot about it.
How do I turn on the computer?
close the circuit between the positive rail supply and the boot signal input on the motherboard with a shitty 16-18 awg solid core wire for a half second or so

ez pz
I'm not a nerd so I just stealed the power button from another machine
How long until someone opens that door and it falls down then stops sudenly
Disable ipv6 and become one with the ipv4 singularity
OK gamers I need to attach the heat sinks on securely so that I can mount the board sideways in a case and not worry about one slipping and sliding into the motherboard and the metal shorting out my drangus and burning my home down. HO DO I DO THIS????
does cooler master offer brackets for mounting to that socket? if not, your only course of action might be to take the socket cover out entirely and use the force of the cooler with tightly applied zipties to keep the cpus in place but that's ultremely ghetto so idk
Dying of boredom, I'll try it all...
get a tig welder and weld it directly to the top of the processor

god damnit zoron come on you're acting like this is your first rodeo
Zip ties or any kind of thing going through the hole won't work as the surface area they actually touch is super small (see the two center points on the picture here) unless you go and loop it over the top but then any kind of tap to it and it will get knocked off still because anything going through that hole has to be fairly small. Socket G34 was not intended to have any king of aftermarket cooling so OFC there are no pre-made mounts. I guess my only option is to scrap these (rip $30) and pay up for the ENTERPRISE GRADE fans (rip $70). Unless of course there's some insane way to tie these off to something and not have to tread lightly around it that I'm not thinking of.
>get a tig welder and weld it directly to the top of the processor
but mom what if I want to go EXTRA FAST and want to swap out the high core count CPUS for the ones that have half the core count but are clocked faster!
you still have the tig welder dumbass

just do it again