Global Rules

All of these rules are in effect on any place on the site unless explicitly stated otherwise.

  1. Spamming/flooding is not allowed unless otherwise stated. One-off jokes are fine, don't overdo it.

  2. Be decent towards each other. Respect is not a given but that does not make for an excuse for baseless antagonisation.

  3. If you have a problem with someone, point it out. Don't be passive aggressive.

  4. NSFW content is disallowed unless otherwise stated. This includes anything sexually suggestive.

  5. Content considered illegal in the United States and/or the Netherlands is never allowed. The server is hosted in the Netherlands and the majority user base is in the United States. There will never be exceptions to this.

  6. Users may only have a single account. Flashii provides a number of services where having multiple accounts could grant unfair advantages. Exceptions may be granted for bot accounts.

  7. Keep political discussions to an absolute minimum. There is a time and place for it, but Flashii is intended to be a footloose and fancy-free community. Moderator intervention will be used for petty shouting matches.

  8. You must be at least 18 years of age on the Gregorian calendar. When validating this a staff member will always ask this in a direct message, never in public channels.

  9. Link shorteners are not allowed. Harmless links will result in a warning, malicious links will result in a ban.

  10. Self promotion is not allowed. You CAN show off your creations, however blatant advertising not relevant to a conversation/channel topic is not allowed.

Forum Rules

  1. Defacing posts is not allowed. If you blank one of your posts, it will be restored and you will be warned. If you have a legitimate reason for this, talk to a staff member.

  2. Abusing post formatting tools is not allowed. This includes using a persistent font colour as an "avatar", but excludes making a flashy opening post to your topic.

Chat Rules

  1. Persistent typing quirks are not allowed. This applies where Global Rule 1 applies.

  2. Try to keep topics to their own channels If a lengthy discussion shifts to a topic that has its own channel, try to move the discussion to that channel. Action will be taken only for repeated, flagrant offences.

Game Service Rules

  1. Play fairly. Do not use exploits to gain unfair advantages.

What happens if I break rules?

Major offenses will result in a ban. Minor offenses will result in warnings; however, after five warnings you will be banned. A warning is retained for ninety (90) days. Depending on moderator discretion, you may be banned prior to five warnings, and this warning threshold may change at any time. Permanent bans are reserved for serious or blatantly repetitious violations, and will be issued by administrators.