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*tap tap* Is this thing on?
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A new post within a month of the last?
Wrote a quick blog post regarding my massive fuck up last night, you may want to check that out if you want to know what happened. Also redid and set the Christmas logo!
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So the unexpected happened, I'm deprecating the custom Flashii chat in favour of a Discord server. You can find the invite link here (if you're logged in, that is).

My reasoning behind switching to Discord is that I won't have to focus on chat development anymore and can do other stuff instead while still having a fully complete chat service. Also the fact that it's a more global service rather than a subdomain on a niche community which helps people stay in touch in the long term. I also set up a few webhooks that trigger on site events which is pretty cool!

If you have any questions or suggested don't hesitate to fire them at me!

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