Sup retards lets talk about our desktop audio setup and shit
Follow my example.


DAC: FX Audio DAC-X6 -

Main Cans:


The DAC-X6 is a pretty good cheap chi-fi amp, if youre just looking to get more power to your headphones its a nice place to start but in terms of actual sound quality it really sucks shit, bass isnt tight, and highs can get a little fatiguing regardless of your headphones actual sound signature.

Im waiting to get my new amp/dac setup in the form of the schiit stack.


This should be a pretty good improvement over the fx-6, ill post once i get it.

The m1060c's are fucking fantastic. Relatively low powered at 18ohms, and those planars sound fucking incredible.
Stock sound signature is pretty neutral and balanced with great reception of sub bass to boot.
I find that EQ'ing these to a more aggressive "V" can really make these a fun pair of cans for all kinds of music.
(they have the worst headband ive ever seen its actually hilariously shit)

The MSR7's are pretty good too depending on what you want.
They are extremely neutral and shill, can even be "shouty" at the high end, but they are extremely detailed and perfect for studio monitoring as the name would imply.
Modding them to allow more air is the way to go, better bass response that way. Also EQ'ing is nearly a must to convert them into something fun/pleasant.


DAC: Focusrite Scarlette Solo -

IEMS: Linsoul KZ ZS10 Pro -

Scarlette Solo sucks shit, flat and underpowered. do not get this if you purely intend on amping headphones.

Chi-Fi is fucking incredible and so are the KZ ZS10 Pro's. 1 Dynamic driver and 4 balanced armatures per ear.
fucking thumping bass, clean mids and detailed highs for 50 dollars.
They are literally on par with 300 dollar IEMS.
Buy these and throw an EQ on them for good measure.


oh shit snake oil thread


Daily driver: Sennheiser HD580's (discontinued years ago you can probably find some one eBay etc.)

Got the HD580's pretty cheap on the Dutch equivalent of eBay for about 90 euros and they're absolutely 110% worth it.
They sound absolutely amazing and has a very neutral sound just like the HD600's, the only thing that sucks about it is that they're used so you have to clean them very well and buy new pads and cables and stuff.

Backup: Sennheiser HD565 (also discontinued lol)

The HD565's I got for 30 bucks used as well they're also pretty good, haven't really used them that much because I bought them as backup headphones just in case something happens to my 580's. In terms of sound it sounds pretty similar to the 580's but just a bit different in some areas. They use the same pads and cables as the HD600/650 so that's nice.
Replacing the headband cushion on them is very annoying however because the HD600/650 headband doesn't fit 100% correctly so you have to use some tape or whatever to make it stay put.



Bought them because they were on sale and I wanted to get some good IEM's for once instead of cheap disposable ones that don't fit properly. Got some cheap Aliexpress foam tips with them. Make sure to find the right size for your ears, once you have the right ones they will seal perfectly and won't fall out. The packaging it comes in is really nice for some reason better than some stuff you get in higher price ranges lol. Overall they're pretty good. Haven't really been able to use them recently though because my headphone jack died on my phone :(

Backup: VEClan Monk Plus

I bought them because I didn't really like IEM's that much at the time but that's because I couldn't find any tips that fit correctly for me back then. They sound pretty nice for the price but once you have IEM's that seal correctly they're kind of obsolete. Believe there are tons of earbuds based on the Sennheiser MX500 on Aliexpress just like these. There's also a almost 200 page Head-Fi thread about them.

Kind of want to get the Sony MH755's as well but I'd have to mod the cable which is kind of annoying.


All I got is just a O2/ODAC combo. Gets plenty loud. Tiny bit of hissing it high gain but I've never had to use it on high. Wanted to get a schiit stack at first but with shipping and tax it would've been way more expensive than what I got now.

i really need to buy some v-shaped headphones or iems or something
I just have a Line 6 UX2 and beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio headphones

The Line 6 records my instruments and amps my audio

Simple, sounds great and gets the job done

just a beyerdynamic dt 770 80 ohm and a fiio e10k
baby stuff

regret not shelling out a little more for schiit stack and 250 ohm ver, i'd be able to use it with more things
china usb headphones
I use the AKG K701 headphones. Very good sound. Shoddy build quality at best. I don't use an amplifier for my desktop audio, just for the stereo I hooked up to my turntable.
Sennheiser HD-400S

Best you can get for sub £30 used, got them new for £50 ages ago and been my workhorse ever since.
So since I last posted in this thread my K701s broke and I replaced them. Downgraded a little bit and bought the Sennheiser HD599 open ear headphones. They came around mid-october of 2021. Despite this, they are already broken--the bass totally stopped working in one ear. This has caused me to lose an immense amount of trust in Sennheiser so I have absolutely no idea what I'm gonna do now. I guess I'll take the warranty but their policy says no refunds. I don't want to get a replacement piece of junk that will die in 3 months too.