shounen anime
lets talk about some good shounen shit.
why havnt you guys given naruto an honest chance.
if you like crazy power scaling and cool character/world building you should check it out.
I've seen all of naruto and enjoyed it for what it was. Not sure if I'd recommend it now considering how much fucking filler there is, but you could always just skip to the good parts.
naruto and shippuden should 100% be watched with a filler guide. even then it can be difficult for some people to watch it. i really enjoy it though for what it is.
you guys should watch dragon ball z because it was a good show
yu yu hakusho is one of my favorites that's why I force white people watch it
(edit: and black people anime is about equality)
I stopped watching boruto a bit in, not sure if it picked up or not.
its nothing but filler. watch all the canonical episodes, they're pretty good imo. Boruto is a cool character.
I'll probably shift through the episodes some time from where I left off
I'd always have my friends trying to get me into naruto but I could only find myself interested with shit like keroro gunso and pokemon when I was a squirt. Is it worth watching naruto or dragon ball now, there's so much content it seems like it just sells on brand recognition at this point (I say as I still want to watch the last 200 episodes of keroro gunso and the 20 movies).