General Drawing Thread

Just a fast drawing I made today.

I did this without thinking about both the size of the image and the pens so it looks weird, and I realised that after uploading the image so rip.

It's basically Carlos and Max but with me and Matthew Emi and the Euphomium girl instead.

This is so much better than the shit I did last year, but there's still a while to go.

the detailing in the hair on the right character in particular is really good honestly

drawing is a hell of a grind but it seems you're putting in the time and working on your craft so keep it up and i'm sure your progress will only develop further
Been copying more and applying fundies rather than working on the fundamentals only these days.

Since I don’t have my laptop and since not all of what I do is worth sharing I’ll just post a few drawings one at a time for now instead of a dump.

Used the Drakengard 1 cover as reference.
nice one momther i like the time you spent on proportion and reference lines, it is a really hard concept to fully grasp
cute as always, good job! keep at it

low effort drawing, chainsaw doggo
somehow makes me think of molcar

Was practicing anime style faces and decided to draw Arcueid again. Then after finishing the head i said hmmm maybe i'll start practicing body drawing and this was the result. I havent practiced much on figure drawing yet, hoping to do more stuff like this to get the proportions right before i tackle a more realistic look.

PS: My favorite thing to do now is draw and shade in pencil. Shading and erasing in pencil really gives it this cool look.