Fighting Games
I'm a huge fan of fighting game and wonderin if anyone else plays them a decent bit even. Been really interested in KOF, Tekken, Guilty Gear, and Smash. Tekken and KOF are the big ones those two of my fav game series of all time. But yeah wonderin if anyone is interested in fighting games and if we could play and shit.
fighting games are a genre I've been wanting to get into for a while, specifically smash, but i always just end up mashing buttons and not knowing what I'm doing
daily reminder that DSP is the best NA super street fighter 2 turbo player of 2005
DSP be crazy!!!!! Also Flash if you want me to teach you things or recommend games and shit to you then hell yeah.
I'll come back to you on that one, gotta get things sorted out with my school shit first bc I'm pretty sure I failed two classes. I'm also most likely getting a Switch somewhere in the next months and I'll likely pick up Smash Ultimate as well.
I'll be down for smash ultimate but no one plays irl it's online and I ain't paying for nitty's jew servers even if it's free if you do some bullshit, because I'm against paid online when I already pay for games. You can trivially set up a virtual lan on the switch but no one bothers, because it's not Nintendo manufactured soylent.