i don't care if you make sound collages out of garbage disposal noises, post your musical creations right now

i've been experimenting with tapping stuff since my wrist is broke and as you can see i've got some practice to do

a jam session between scrim and i based around thex's sister reeeing
Dying of boredom, I'll try it all...
thank you for blessing my ears with this tune
some stupid simple ass chord progression ive fucked around with for a while but still managed to butcher the fuck out of it
it is a nice chord progression though

you know i swear i have that exact same keyboard somewhere but it seems to be tucked away in some strange part of the house
it sounds very mid-2000s alternative, kinda neat actually. could see it pairing well with some guitars...
Dying of boredom, I'll try it all...
I'm just gonna dump some older stuff I recorded/made since I don't really have anything recent to share - I was fucking around with a digitech synth wah that i got a few months ago and liked the sound i got out of it - covered a bit of a song from the scott pilgrim movie, looking back on it the mixing on the drums is kinda shit but seeing as though it was never really meant to be more than a demo so whatever - old song i was making with sounds i ripped from a .mod file - this has a decent amount of things i've done, with stems so you can listen to individual instruments and such

I'll probably post some more when i either dig more stuff up or when I'm not feeling too lazy to bother uploading more
that's some good shit, keep it up

i especially appreciate the garbage truck cover, it's a nice song
Forgot that existed win, thanks...

Here's some audio from someone who can't sing or play instruments! hooray!
Listen to at your own discretion...

Attempt to sing "grass"

Ambient track for a VRC world I am working on, I can't play guitar well so I record individual phrases and keep what works
what doesn't work is still there though (my phrasing and intonation is shit, every note I play is an accidental. Such is my life)
....It's a work in progress. Multi-tracks will be enabled/disabled when interacting with the world.
They're shittily mixed together here, IT SOUNDS GOOD IN UNITY 2017.4.15f1 I PROMISE

Something I recorded for a song about walllable's dead pets, never to be finished

Penny flute overdubbed with delay and shitty blues (recorded entirely over a shitty mic)

Another recording from wallable's cockroach epic

What I paulstretched for the VRC ambience. Notice how I forget that I'm playing music at 0:35

Best for last. Party Cocks. Possibly the worst possible thing recorded.

Note: This is all made with audacity. Should I ever use a real DAW, unload a snubnosed .38 into my skull, alas I might produce π‘”π‘œπ‘œπ’Ή π“‚π“Šπ“ˆπ’Ύπ’Έ
I need to fuck around with paulstretch sometime, I've wanted to make an ambient type thing for a while now. I really like the ambient stuff you recorded, I'm looking forward to seeing that VRC map. - fucking around with serum, output to my guitar amp and recorded with an sm57 because that's the best microphone I have - fucking around with a farfisa organ simulator, put through a distortion pedal and out to my guitar amp, also recorded with an sm57 - shitty riff i recorded and built on slightly, I think I recorded it mostly to play with the tone I got, probably won't do anything more with it unless I think of something to do with it and i doubt i will not even sure if this can really be called a demo but i recorded this a bit more than a year ago and I kinda like it still