Love Live! Character Sorting
Once again it is time to assert your very important opinion on what characters are Good and which are Not Good. This time with the Love Live! series. I've been wanting to watch Nijigaku and Soup Store for a while and just decided to start again from scratch at μ's and work my way up.
Unfortunately the most up-to-date sorter I could find is not very up-to-date and doesn't include Love Live!!!! Superstar!!!!!!!!! at all so a moment of silence for my list where Heanna Sumire would be at the top despite me never having consumed any Love, Live, Soup content besides those couple videos by MaxSP.
UPDATE: I have stolen the source code for the Touhou Character Sorter and have Created My Own Love Live! Character Sorter so you can now sort at your heart's content.

Anyway here's the sorter:

And here are my results;

I have barely watched the latter two so they are probably subject to change!!
new sorter is now live, bumped because i can (i thought there was a button for doing this?)

i have done a full run to commemorate the creation of the new one

its pretty hard when they are all combined, plus one misclick. However very consistent with the kurosawas at the bottom
why does she hate dia, couldn't stand her before that one episode in season 2 but
to be frank in my humble opinion, i think they put too much focus on her mole in the anime as if it was her whole personality. Along with being obnoxious loud annoying no good voice
i see, wonder how my opinion will hold up after rewatching cuz it has been like 5ish years