How To Report Bugs!
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Click New Topic and give an outline. I can't fix things if I don't know about them, I don't care how insignificant it may appear to be.

If it's small you can probably convey the basics details in the title. Telling me about it in chat is appreciated but it achieves nothing because I'll forget about it, the forum gives a place to make a permanent record of them where I can go back and check them. More detailed reports are appreciated obviously, but something is still better than nothing. It also gives others a place to provide more details if they've also experienced it.
Bumping this both to add something and because I want people to read this again because I'll hopefully be more actively working on the site again.

As for what I wanted to add; if the bug impacts your ability to post a bug report, posting in chat is fine obviously but an e-mail is also very welcome if you can be bothered or if you're not even able to log into chat because of it.
This topic was locked .