What Manga Are You Reading
We all you know what you are currently watching, but what are you reading? I've been on a grind lately reading a lot of manga recommended from friends and coworkers. I was not into reading at all before, but recently its like something clicked after I was recommended to read complete trash on a whim. it made me want to reconnect with other older shows that I enjoyed that never got a renewed season.

As for the trash I started reading based on a bet was Domestic Girlfriend. Although the premise was odd, the actual story wasn't that bad, the ending is terrible.

I recently caught up with Rental Girlfriend and this shit is complete degenerate material but it is addictive for some reason.

Currently, I'm reading Grand Blue, now this one I recommend, It's really stupid fun and I love it. After watching the anime in 2018 a second season was never announced so after all this time it was worth to come back and read.

Other mentions are: Super no Ura de Yani Suu Hanashi and Telework Yotabanashi (both relatively new)

I'm currently only reading releasing stuff. Once I'm caught up with Hajime no Ippo I plan to read finished works again.

Here is a list of the "few" works im currently reading (do not know the english name for all of them i am sorry):
Boruto, citrus+, One Piece, Oshi no Ko (my all time favourite manga), takagi san, takagi san moto, sasayaku youni koi wo utau, dress up darling, hajimete no gal, Hajime no Ippo, nagatoro, chainsaw man, Made in Abyss, shikimori san, Rent a Girlfriend, Mushoku Tensei, 現実もたまには嘘をつく, Shield hero, Reincarnated as a slime, 飛野さんのバカ.

Degenerate stuff is really addicting just like Sora said.......... Domestic girlfriend kinda like a guilty pleasure. i really liked reading it

After Hajime no Ippo I want to read Blame! and fire punch, but for after those i have no plans yet.
please read soul eater and blame and fire punch (if you havent read sayonara eri, please please please do that)
maybe also sin city... i know thats not a manga but its a comic and its black and white sooo...

chainsaw man - all i can say is that it's fun

the anime was really cool but there were a whole bunch of scenes and artistic choices that just couldn't truly translate to animation

i never read manga too actively, instead i just had tachiyomi installed with some backlog downloaded and it was fallback entertainment when no network connection, bored by network connection, or just otherwise wanted to. therefore i've been reading the same things for a very long time, just a chapter at a time

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou - a calm story about a robot who runs a coffee shop and does errands in a post-apo world. incredibly well drawn, with beautiful backgrounds, and a slow story about the small things in life in an ending world. recommended to me by funtime, would also recommend myself

GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class - a cute comedy/SoL 4koma about girls studying art. it's pretty funny, has great illustrations, and has a bunch of interesting information about art and design thrown in as well, simply because it's being discussed. also kisaragi cute

i've also finished Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei this way, it's pretty good (although i didnt like the anime and i dropped it). also i've read a bunch of Don Rosa works thru tachiyomi like that but that isnt manga is it
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